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Dual Out Flowmaster Super 50 Series (SUV Series)


NAW Custom Cat-Back Dual Out Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems Include:

Flowmaster Super 50 Series (SUV Series) Muffler
2 - 2 1/4" Tailpipes

-Prices Starting at $450.00 INSTALLED!!!!-

-More Power, More Torque, & Quicker Response -Increase in Performance, Pulling Power, and Fuel Economy May Improve -2 1/4" Tailpipes Included -Chrome or Stainless Steel Tips are Extra

Flowmaster Muffler Technology

Exhaust at NAW

At NAW, for 26 years, we duplicate the original hanger by using a drill instead of a torch to make the hole to hang your hanger. We NEVER weld the hanger directly to your frame. We also take the time to make sure you’re satisfied with the placement of your tailpipes or Chrome Tips.

Flowmaster Mufflers