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Failures - Catalyst Fracture


Failures - Catalyst Fracture

This is an example of a catalyst fracture. The ceramic became loose, cracked and began to break down. The pieces began to obstruct flow, creating back pressure and increasing the heat in the exhaust system. There is evidence of a partial meltdown in this example due to overheating. 

Why Catalytic Converters Fail?

Failures - Catalyst Fracture:

The initial cause for this damage could have been road debris striking the converter based on evidence of impact on the converter shell. In some cases, if the protective mat that holds the catalyst in place is directly exposed to exhaust gasses, it could deteriorate and allow the catalyst to fracture. The Car Sound converter uses two recessed cavities in the body to hold the protective mat out of the exhaust flow to prevent any deterioration. The mat stays in place and the catalyst is held firm.